Bring the fresh scent of nature into your home with our luxurious soy wax candle pots. Hand-poured using an eco-friendly blend of natural soybean wax and premium British perfume oils, these aromatic candles fill your space with beautiful fragrance. As a sustainable alternative to paraffin, our soy candles burn cooler, cleaner, and more evenly for up to 45 hours of indulgent aroma. Reusable pots allow you to re-purpose them around the home after the candle is finished. An affordable luxury gift idea, our soy candle pots disperse scent beautifully without toxic additives. Browse our collection of earthy, floral, and fresh soy wax candle fragrances. Treat yourself or a loved one to the comfort of these eco-friendly, non-toxic candles made from renewable ingredients. Home is Home Soy Candles offer an indulgent aromatic experience kinder to you and the planet.

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